Since we are not a lender, I do not decide whether or not to approve your candidacy for a loan before the salary. Also we can not expand the credit limit of cash that you would like to receive in your personal use with our help. The information you leave in the application for a loan in cash will be provided to the creditors who, working with us and not only, provide or issue loans before the salary. Providing this information does not guarantee you a one hundred percent chance of receiving a cash loan or approval by you of creditors for the subsequent provision of a loan to a paycheck. Working with clients, we are not agents or employees of creditors and credit agencies, nor do we charge interest on top of the amount provided. We provide information about you, which you yourself provide to us, in the application for cash, which corresponds to our policy of confessionality. We earnestly ask you to recheck the data that you give us in the application, before sending it, using the cash receipt form.

Information provided on this site may be changed by us without prior notice or warning. We only guarantee the receipt by the creditor of the information that you provide us for obtaining a loan before the salary. We do not give guarantees that after receiving the information the creditor will approve your candidacy for a loan before the salary. Not all lenders provide a loan of $ 1,000. Prepaid loans offered by lenders are an expensive service to solve your urgent life and financial difficulties and can not be considered in the long term. Having serious financial difficulties, it will be better once again to consult with professional credit counselors.

We will try to inform you about all the changes concerning the state's laws on microcredit. As you may know, different states have different laws in this area. The cost of a loan service to a salary may vary depending on the terms of the lender. All creditors are owned and managed by the federal government of the United States of America. Any agreement you make with creditors will be governed by federal law.

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